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The Little Things and Such: The Law of Attraction is now available. A collectioin of our top favorite Law of Attraction themed poems with reflection questions. The Little Things and Such Book Cover

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There's really no wrong way to use The Little Things and Such and its contents of motivational poems and reflections questions. Though, for individuals, friendships, couples, small groups, or classrooms, for example, we offer the following suggested use:

Begin this journey of self-discovery in a very relaxed state of mind. Set aside any thoughts of the past or the future and focus your attention only on the here and now. Make yourself comfortable and have a pen handy for writing down your thoughts and feelings while considering the refl ection questions.

Step One: Take a moment to read one of motivational poems or life quotes. In fact, we suggest that you read it multiple times. The poems and life quotes are in no particular order. As you're reading, try to internalize its meaning and allow yourself to get emotional involved in what the Author is conveying.

Step Two: Then, turn your attention over to the reflection questions on the opposite page of the poem or life quote. Answer one question at a time in any order that you choose. Pay close attention to how you feel. If a question happens to elicit a negative response, stick with that question until you are able to fi nd the good and write something positive.

How to Use the Positive Life Quotes Book

First read the quote and then...

Answer the reflection questions...