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The Positive Life Quotes Book

Discover the Power of You with These Motivational Poems, Inspirational Sayings, and Meaningful Positive Quotes

Thanks for taking a look at my new books "The Little Things and Such" and "The Little Things and Such: One More Time"! Within their pages are a self-help tool for anyone interested in their own personal growth and development. This collection of inspiring quotes and poems includes reflection questions that will help you detangle your thoughts and feelings, know yourself better, and build self-esteem.

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How to Use the Positive Life Quotes Book

First read the quote and then...

Answer the reflection questions...

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Roger is providing a free positive life qoutes PowerPoint presentation and posters (Download links are on the left of this page). Roger's leadership and personal growth and development materials make for a great Keynote or Half Day workshop also. So, if you need a speaker for you next event, please call us at (855) 514-4574.